Psychology Of Religion And Religion Essay

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The psychology of religion is one of the many divisions of religion. The psychology of religion is the application of psychology interpretive frameworks and methods to religious individuals. This is in the sense that religion’s functionality is that it (pg.3) expresses and serves many individual, social and culture needs. Psychology of religion focuses on the individual rather than cultures or societies regardless of the prior mentioning of religion’s function. It looks to examine the religious motivation, religious cognition and religious behavior of the individual.
The psychology of religion studies the human characteristics of religious individuals. It does not look or cannot answer truth claims of any religion. It can offer insights as to why an individual has this or that belief but does not say anything towards the individual’s truth claim. I took a sociology of religion class and in the text was something I will never forget. The text book was explaining the procedures on how they examined groups and individuals. It had said that they have to take everything as a truth as long as it was not to outlandish. All the individual experiences were not denied or confirmed just accepted as the individual’s truth or experience. Reading about the psychology of religion that this method applies as well. When you apply empirical psychological methods to religion should everything from an individual regarding religious beliefs and experiences be seen as truth? This…

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