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Bottom of Form Many films today go beyond simple dramas and acts of heroism. A recent interest in the individual and why each person does, acts, lives the way they do makes for wonderful film adaptations of the tortured human soul. Cult films like Donnie Darko received a very strong following due to its strong portrayal of a young man dealing with psychological issues, the question of God, feeling alone, and death. More than any teenager should have to deal with but considering our day and age, it is not surprising that the following Donnie Darko has earned through beautiful portrayal of a tormented soul is made up of mainly adolescents. In the film, Donnie is said to suffer from paranoid schizophrenia.
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They also have varied paranoia of many different things. This may be manifested in extreme phobias, running away, turning on family members and friends, etc. Because of their paranoia and the nature of their psychological disorder, paranoid schizophrenics suffer from severe anxiety, moodiness, confusion, delusions and acting like very young children. Other symptoms include a much-skewed view of reality. Some have difficulty separating their dreams and television from their own reality. Teenagers suffering from paranoid schizophrenia must deal with typical adolescent issues in addition to the difficulties this psychological disorder places upon these issues such as making and keeping friends, growing up and leaving home, and travelling outside of one’s comfort zone (both figuratively and literally). In the film, when Donnie is hypnotized in therapy or when he speaks with Frank he speaks like a child, giggling and pouting or curling up into himself, hugging a teddy bear and crying into his therapist’s shoulder. This behavior stands in stark contrast to his normal behavior. He is usually well-spoken and intelligent although cynical and oftentimes rude. Paranoid schizophrenia is the most common type of schizophrenia is many parts of the world. In order to diagnose paranoid schizophrenia the symptoms of schizophrenia must be present along with the following symptoms: prominent hallucinations and delusions, trouble with will and affect

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