Essay about Psychology 3200

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Chelsea Ferrell
Ms. Dolzycki
PSY 3200
November 28, 2012
Naturalistic Observation Upon observing the toddlers as well as the preschool room, I was able to observe the aspect of psychosocial development between the stages autonomy versus shame and initiative versus guilt. As defined and described in our text, Development Through Life, Erikson defines psychosocial development into eight different stages for each period of life. Within each stage presents a conflict between one’s individual ability and societal expectations or requirements. The first stage I observed was toddler aged children or autonomy versus shame and doubt. Autonomy being the positive pole within this stage of development; it is defined in the text as, the ability to
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The first stage I partook in observing was the toddler room or autonomy versus shame stage. Nearly every child, kept to themselves while playing. Although other classmates might be near, they seemed blissfully unaware as they entertained themselves with a toy. All children seemed confident in their play, and didn’t want a caregiver to assist them, showing their autonomic behavior. The interaction I noticed between the children was indirect such as grasping at or hitting at a toy held by a fellow classmate without even looking at or acknowledging the other child. In addition, most children were mostly sedentary during play time, only moving around in small area of the room. I also noticed that the children could get upset easily when something did not go their way or if they could not relinquish a toy from a fellow classmate. Despite their inconsolable state of upset, they calmed down quickly with the reassurance and comfort from one of the caregivers located in the room. The positive reassurance from the caregivers seemed to build onto the children’s confidence. Something I thought was interesting and slightly strange was when caregiver had to leave to go to class and one child got extremely upset. The girl seemed surprised herself, but she provided comforting words reassuring the child she would return tomorrow. The child still possessed a confused look upon his face, but seemed to accept her

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