Psychological Technique Of Truman 's ' The Dog ' Essays

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As Truman proceeds to his car to go to work in a closed form frame (6), a barking Dalmatian charges him. The composition changes at this moment depicting a point of view shot (8) of the neighbor’s Dalmatian through Truman’s eyes. The dog is close to Truman’s face, as if to signify his fear of the animal. This psychological technique allows for the audience to witness an emotion more carefully, in this case, the emotion is fear. The low camera angles exhibited the enlarged action of the dog and the tension between Truman and his neighbor, ever so slightly. Truman is frightened of the dog and the possibility of it attacking; yet the neighbor, dressed in the attire picked out for him to blend into the utopian environment, responds to the action with “Don’t worry. He won’t hurt ‘ya.”(9) This demonstrates everyone’s acknowledgment of the controlled environment except for Truman. The only way the dog, or anyone for that matter, would harm Truman were if Christof commanded it. The cinematography further persuades the intrigue of the scene and the utopian theme by highlighting Truman as the predominant focus in each shot, which seems to be relevant due to it being a reality show about him and his life.
The blocking and performance of the entire scene exemplify the importance of an intriguing introduction. The scene starts as mundane and generic as any cliché 50’s show, but the plot twists as the light falls from the sky. In the conversations, the characters do not physically…

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