Psychological Studies That Will Change What You Think You Know About Yourself

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In reviewing the article 10 Psychological Studies that Will Change What You Think You Know About Yourself (written by Gregoire), I found interesting the 1989 study from Harvard and Kent State University on “change blindness” (as cited by Gregoire). In this experiment the subjects started out talking to one actor. Their view is blocked from the person to whom they are speaking, and another actor steps in to finish the conversation to see if the change is observed by the participant. One half of the people studied did not notice the change (as cited by Gregoire).
One just could not help asking “How could you not notice?! Why does this happen? How can we be more observant?” Researching topics such as this may help to answer questions such as: Why do people focus on the negative but don’t remember the good? And why is it when you are looking for items located right in front of you that you just can’t see them?
The most applicable study to me was the seventy-five year-long study from Harvard directed by George Vaillant. I found this personally relevant, being aware that without the many people who have extended extraordinary kindness to me in my life I would be dead. I have lived in many different persons’ homes. I am a survivor of suicide. I have often felt alone, and have on numerous occasions contemplated the end of my life at my own hand. Cultivating very close relationships with others, however, has nurtured me and helped me to become well. Having a steady, supportive…

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