Psychological Profile Of Piggy: The Lord Of The Flies

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Psychological Profile

After speaking to Ralph for hours, I have seen a clear picture on the events that occurred and his mental state. Ralph has gone through many changes throughout his time on the island. He tells me he used to be a socialized and civilized young boy but in the interview seems very timid and scared. He recounts a strip about the first meeting he was voted chief almost unanimously, "Every hand outside the choir was raised immediately."(Golding 19). This demonstrated his leadership skills, and charisma. Therefore, Ralph was an outgoing practical boy, but under extreme circumstances has become nervous and panicked.

His mental state, now, is what worries me. As a detective I have never analyzed a child with these traumatizing
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I chose to sketch Ralph with his true friend Piggy. Throughout the novel Piggy supported Ralph and helped him. Piggy was an important character that always reminded Ralph of reason and the purpose of the signal fire. Also, I drew the conch beside Piggy because it represented the civilization and the control, that existed on the island. The conch called and regulated their meetings which Ralph always led, he tells me. As, you can see Ralph is tending the signal fire. The signal fire and hunting were a large aspect of conflict on the island(presented in the third chapter), and Ralph fought for the signal fire. That is why I chose to draw him keeping it burning, keeping his hopes alive. His main goal was to be rescued and he keeps repeating, "keep it burning, must be rescued". During my analysis, I could tell he was always focused on this fire. Even at night Ralph had the hope of rescue, that is why the scene is at night. Therefore, I drew him with his main ally, the conch which represented order, and the signal fire which represented escaping the island. These three components were very important to Ralph as he is traumatized by what has occurred and mentions them often during our

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