Health Needs: A Case Study

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Psychological Issues Impacting on Health Needs

(Niven, 1994 pp.118-119.) stated “although psychological well-being is difficult to define, one condition that contributes, in a negative way, to well-being is depression”. Marjory’s low mood has taken an impact on her family, self identity and self esteem.
Marjory is displaying Becks cognitive theory of depression where she is exaggerating negative events and minimising the positives, she also has selective abstraction, only thinking about the negative points of their behaviour.
Marjory has felt she has lost all her dignity, this is due to not being able to use the toilet when she wants instead, having a urinary catheter attached, not being able to breathe on her own and given continuous oxygen to help Marjory breathe. This can make any person feel as they have lost their identity, loss of self-esteem and loss of independence, (Perkins, 2012). Marjory is suffering from depression that is affecting her mental well-being which is influencing her from getting better physically, this is also why she might have a loss of appetite, and it is one of many signs of depression, (, n.d). The doctor will be able state which
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Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), a treatment provided with the help of a professional to transform Marjory thoughts, which is a cognitive change and action, which is a behaviour change. This would be useful for Marjory because it is positive for depression and anxieties, making practical changes to improve her thoughts and feelings, (, 2013). If not controlled then Marjory can get to a stage where she will expect too much, making too many demands affecting her mental state more as time goes on, eventually being rejected by others, Friedson has stated this theory, (Zick Varul,

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