Essay on Psychological Effects Of Sports Re Injury

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Psychological Effects of Sport Re-Injury When playing sports or engaging in some sort of physical activity, the possibility of injury is always there. Injuries can occur at the most unexpected times and arise with physical as well as mental challenges. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the topic of how sport re-injury can influence an athlete’s attitude and motivation toward rehabilitation and returning to their sport. There are many psychological factors that play a role in how well an athlete can return to competition also. Certain personality traits like neuroticism, pessimistic explanatory style, or low dispositional optimism can play a big role in how mentally recovered an athlete can become from an injury (Pargman, 55-57). There are also physical factors like strength, endurance, and athletic skill that can affect an athlete’s recovery as well as social factors like parental support, peer support, and coach feedback (Williams & Andersen, 14). Since there are so many things that influence recovery, this makes one wonder how much getting re-injured can affect an athlete. Re-injury can really affect the attitude and motivation that an athlete has toward rehabilitation. Re-injury can influence these factors of an athlete’s recovery because it forces them to go through mental, physical, and social changes in their lifestyle. When an athlete goes through an injury, it takes a lot of work to get back to full recovery. Then, if they re-injure themselves after…

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