Psychological Effects Of Horror Movies

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Are you a “scary-cat”? When watching movies, personally I prefer not to watch any horror movie due to the frightening feeling I get before, during, and after such movies. When talking about going to the movies with friends or anyone I prefer to avoid watching any movie dealing with horror. Recently I watched the movie “Anabelle”, a movie with a trailer that thrilled me to watch it, yet thought it twice due to the frightening feeling. Yes, indeed I do get an impulsive feeling to watch horror movies all to get frightened and find out the feeling I will get after the film ends. After watching a horror movie I do feel frighten as if anything will pop up in my face to give me a scare but as I get older I notice I can handle a little stronger frightening. Anabelle is a supernatural psychological horror …show more content…
A loud, frightened scream and a need to hold someone’s hand. This leads to the effects that horror movies can bring into the viewers. Screaming, frightened at night, scared for any unexpected pop-ups, and even insomnia. Every single person is different, some may be able to watch a horror movies then just walk out the theater, or anywhere they are watching it at, and be completely normal as if they hadn’t watched a thrilling movie. Having that feeling of being scared at night may combine to Insomnia, not being able to sleep due to the expectation one has in their mind of that vintage evil doll appearing by your side or on a shelf that may be in the room. Walking down apartment and into an elevator might give the viewer the spooky feeling that the demon in the movie Anabelle is about to pop up and begin to chase them, so they quickly hurry into the elevator sometimes try to get in alone or at least with light on in the surrounding area. King also mentions “It deliberately appeals to all that is worst in us.” Many others fear for what may come their way, fear for a shocking moment that what went on in that movie may go on in their

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