Psychological Distress And Its Effects On Mental Distress Essay

1448 Words Mar 17th, 2015 null Page
Psychological distress refers to a situation in which someone disconnects from the critical part of the life. In addition, disconnect from self-actualization mainly because of internal conflicts, stresses from outside as psychogenic pain (Flores, & Berenbaum, 2014). In contemporary society, sleep disorder is rank among the major causes of body dysfunction. This goes to affect mental disorder resulting in mental distress such as worrying and internal pain. Everyone experiences stress at any given point in life. Stresses to large extents stimulate the physical, emotional as well as the emotional changes. It is imperative that human beings be much caution in all areas of their operations particularly in the workplace to minimize the situation that very prone to their personal healthy that results from psychological distress. This is a critical consideration the aspects of the globalization and advanced technology that has resulted to increase in stiff competition in almost all human sphere of life. This in turn makes individual to work extra hard to remain relevant in the industry and at the same time restraining their healthy deny themselves enough sleep and good meal diet. The demand for good grades to secure good formal employment is another challenge that causes distress. This is particularly in relation to the students who sometimes strive beyond their capacity in order to be assured of good jobs. Only later, to realize that good grades are not the direct path…

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