Essay on Psychodynamic Theories Of Psychodynamic Therapy

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Scenario 2 Psychodynamic theory proposes that our behaviors are driven by the interactions of the conscious and unconscious mind (Myers, 2014). The primary focus of these theories deals with the unconscious mind. In fact, current psychodynamic theories postulate that most of our psychology is unconscious, and there are internal conflicts that mold our personality (Myers, 2014). With this in mind, therapist can use a wide array of techniques that can be used to treat mental illness. Furthermore, Sylvia who is potentially suffering from major depression may seek out a therapist who implements such techniques. Techniques used in psychodynamic therapy can, in fact, help Sylvia to overcome her depression. For example, techniques used in psychodynamic therapy attempt to help the client to seek self-insight by uncovering the influences of the unconscious and childhood experiences (Myers, 2014). This technique can potentially help Sylvia to discover that current events do not cause her depression, but instead problems with her childhood can have a profound effect on the depression she is currently experiencing. Psychodynamic therapy may help Sylvia to come to terms with her unconscious, resulting in the alleviation of her depression. When treating addiction, this knowledge can help me to gain insight into the root causes of what led the client to begin abusing substances. Unresolved problems that occur during their childhood could explain why that the use of substances is an…

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