Psychodynamic And Behavioral Theories Of Psychology Essay

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Psychology is a scientific discipline that studies human behaviour, considering internal processes and motives. Psychologists’ main goal is to understand the reason why people and animals behave in certain manners. (Eysenck, 2000, p 3). In order to achieve this, psychologists have adopted various approaches including cognitive, biological, humanistic, psychodynamic and behavioural. Psychodynamic and behavioural perspectives are two dominant approaches within psychology due to their great impact within society. These two, are widely recognised for their achievements yet both possess some limitations. This essay seeks to evaluate psychodynamic and behavioural explanations of human behaviour by reviewing their differences and similarities in relation to aggression. Evaluation of methods, limitations and today’s contribution to society will also be explained.
Psychodynamic and behavioural approaches view personality from a different perspective. psychodynamic approach argues that behaviour is predetermined, forces of the unconscious (NATURE) and past childhood experiences (NURTURE) influence our personality. On the other hand, behaviourists claim that our personality is determined by our present interaction with the external environment, ignoring all genetic factors. There has been an ongoing debate between psychodynamic and behaviourist psychologists to try to explain whether aggression is innate, or is something that we learn.
Cambridge Dictionary defines aggression as…

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