Aggression And Antisocial Behavior

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Question 1
One example of persuasion techniques based on the principles of consistency and/or commitment is foot in the door. This technique gains a toehold from a small demand and then inquires more after the individual has agreed to the first demand (Cialdini). An example is a friend asks you to walk her dog, since you are walking your dog; then everyday the following week she asks you to walk her dog. Another type of persuasion technique is lowball negotiation tactic. Lowball technique “works by first gaining closure and commitment to the idea or item which you want the other person to accept, the using the fact that people will behave consistently with their beliefs to sustain the commitment when you change the agreement” (Caildini, Cacioppo,
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Sometimes antisocial behaviors are aggressive, like cheating or stealing. An example is students taking someone else’s ADHD medications to help them stay up and study for exams. Stealing is another anti-social behaviors that is popular. WHen a student steals food from the store to look cool infron of their peers, this is called deindividualization. It’s a sense of “autonomy and loss of individuality” (Aggression and antisocial behavior).
Aggression is any type of behavior that is meant to hurt another individual that is trying to avoid harm. Aggression is an intentional behavior acted out towards another person; it’s not playful or on accident. An example of aggression is stabbing a random guy walking down the street. With aggression, there are 2 subcategories hostile aggression and instrumental aggression. Hostile aggression is an impulsive act that is derived from something or someone. Instrumental aggression is a premeditated form of violence such as spanking a child.
Violence is the action of extreme harm towards an individual. “All violent acts are aggressive acts but not all aggressive acts are violent e.g., Rape, aggravated assault, homicide” (Aggression and Antisocial Behavior). A student punches another student in the face; that is aggression. A student aggressively kicking another student 's head into the lockers repeatedly is a violent act.

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