Psychoanalytic Approach to Little Red Riding Hood Essay

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Psychoanalytic Approach to Little Red Riding Hood

Although there are numerous approaches employed in understanding literature, the psychoanalytic interpretation most significantly attempts to utilize the symbolic mysteries of a work. In exclusive contrast to the formal approach, which focuses entirely on the wording, the fascinating aspect of the psychoanalytic investigation is that it searches for a purpose beyond that which is strictly in the text. By insinuating the existence of innate and hidden motives, it allows for a broad range of abstract and creative possibilities. When applied to Perrault's, "Little Red Riding Hood," it appropriately suggests evidence toward underlying sexual motivations and tensions. Additionally, this
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Although he is constantly seeking to satisfy his appetite, he has the ability to control himself in the beginning. Despite not eating for three days, he skillfully awaits for the perfect time and situation to gratify his cravings. Notice he does not go after the male woodcutters; instead he wais to take advantage upon a pretty little girl. In the process, he gets her naked and into bed before pleasing himself. Having withheld his sexual desires for so long, in the end he loses control. He gobbles up both the little girl and her grandmother while they lie innocently in bed.

While accurately applying the psychoanalytical approach, it is necessary to prove the interactions of the human mind. The concept that unconscious psychological forces inspire human behavior is vital to this examination. Freud believed that there were three psychic zones of the mental process: the id, the ego and the superego. In "Little Red Riding Hood," the mother and grandmother represent the superego. Representing all that is moral, they raise Little Red Riding Hood by helping to protect and control her natural urges. In contrast, the wolf represents the psychic energy of an id. Lacking logic and principle, he functions only for instinctual gratification. Serving as the mediator between restraint and mayhem, Little Red Riding Hood symbolizes the ego and attempts to balance both extremes. In the beginning she is described as a "pretty little

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