Psychiatric Social Report Essay examples

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Psychiatric Social Report

Dr. Stephen B. Salazar Patient. Tu Anh Doa
5028 South Broadway, Age: 26 Exeter, NH 03833

Presenting Problem: This is a 26 year old Vietnamese males seen today at the request of the Department of Social Services Disability Evaluation Unit. Questions regarding mental status appearance simple repetitive tasks interests and daily activities and ability to relate and interact with public and coworkers were raised. The interview was conducted in the living room of the home in which he lives and has lived for the past three or four years. The claimant resides in
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There is no history of any other hospitalization. The claimant is the older son of five children he has two sisters and two brothers they are all living in the United States.

Environment: The claimant he lived in his present house for one and a half years with his mother and 11 year old sister. He states that he wakes at8 or 9 am. He walks around in the yard for awhile and then he eats breakfast he does not eat lunch but he eats dinner. He said that during this time his appetite is good and he eats because he is hungry. Once a week he leaves the house to see a doctor who checks for the surgery and his neurological problem. He states that he had a ringing in the left ear which was partially a result to the surgery. He has not done any kind of work since the head surgery and he has not done anything around the house. He reports difficulty with memory. He rarely does anything with friends except when they come over to visit him and only leaves the house to walk around the yard or go to the doctor appointment. He is able to dress himself and bathe himself but does not do ant chores of any kind around the house. He states that his mother cooks for him and he never cooked for himself and he does not do anything around the yard either. His grooming showed him to be wearing a shirt slacks with no shoes or socks and he was cleaned shaven

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