`` Proud People Breed Sad Sorrows For Themselves `` By Emily Bronte

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Hubris is the excessive pride or overweening confidence that an individual may possess. Attaining this characteristic often leads to the destruction of one’s future. A popular saying, “Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves,” by Emily Bronte illustrates how pride can bring collapse to a person of high moral worth. Perhaps it was Sophocles’ famous plays, Oedipus Rex and Antigone, which popularized the subject of excessive pride. In both tragedies, various characters acquire excessive pride, which leads them to their unfortunate downfall. The characters in authority: Oedipus, Creon, and Antigone ruin their fate by owning hubris. The king of Thebes, Oedipus, overestimates his power and becomes prideful leading him to his demise. He first begins at a state of kingship, as the dignified ruler of Thebes, often referring to himself as, “I, Oedipus, who bear the famous name” (Oedipus 4). Suddenly, a catastrophe occurs and as the city falls to a plague, he sympathizes with the citizens saying, “Poor children! You may be sure I know all that you longed for in coming here. I know that you are deathly sick; and yet, sick as you are, not one is as sick as I. Each of you suffers in himself alone, his anguish, not another’s; but my spirit groans for the city, for myself, for you…” (Oedipus 5). Here, King Oedipus uses his power to try to support the helpless people of Thebes. As Oedipus continues his investigation on the cause of the plague, he realizes it was initiated by the…

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