Prostitution And Human Trafficking In The Jungle By Upton Sinclair

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The Jungle by Upton Sinclair illustrates many aspects and undoubtedly corrupt topics of modern life- even though it is a nonfiction book of the 1900 's. One of these many horrifying topics is Prostitution and human trafficking. Throughout the modern world human trafficking is abundant but hidden to the every day person, Prostitution and human trafficking is a dreadful oppression that breaks up families and the results on a person can be devastating.
Alma is a young Filipina women who is a simple waitress in Olongapo City; and the restaurant that she works at was in a U.S Naval base at Subic Bay. It was her dream to become an accountant and she reluctantly became a waitress after her brother tricked her into coming and living with her in
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Unknowingly Grace accepted the help of a trolley man who volunteered to take her and other girls her age to receive their passports for the flight over. Grace was told tat she was going to be a babysitter hen she arrived in Germany but the man had given all the girls fake ID 's. Arriving in Germany Grace was told that she owed approximately 65,000 dollars and in order for her to pay them off she has to work as a prostitute in a nearby brothel. She worked for months in the brothel getting raped by countless men in order to pay off her debt. "Back in Nigeria, the father of my son had raped me, and this reminded me of that over and over." ("Survivor Stories." Grace.) Like Alma, Grace was working in order to provide for her family. She hoped that the money she made was also being sent back home to support her mother, father and son. The two girls only stayed in the business out of fear and need for …show more content…
For G it was easier, her capture was arrested one night after G ran away to a neighbors house, and told them actually what was going on in their household. Joe was sentenced to eleven and a half years in prison for enslaving four children. Alma met a women named Brenda Poundfoot who was trying to help women in the area out of prostitution. Now Alma and Brenda co-found Buklod, a company that helps raise awareness for prostitutes and helps women escape it. Grace wasn’t so lucky as to escape easily, One of the men what was in her service refused to wear a condom. A few weeks later she was sent to the hospital ill. "While there I became sick, vomiting, and was brought to a hospital. I found out then that I had AIDS. ("Survivor Stories." Grace.) Grace began to hear about an organization called SOLWODI, like Buklod it was able to help Grace escape like

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