Prospect Of Designer Babies : Genetically Select Specific Traits For Your Child

1551 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
Leon Kasse once said, “There is a lot of hype and fear about this much-talked-about-prospect of designer babies”. The biotechnology of being able to design the sex, appearance, athletic ability, elimination of disease, and how smart a child will be is slowly but surely developing for children. Parents are now able to fix what couldn’t be fixed before, and that is opening doors to pregnancies in every which way. Parents will not have to worry about having a child with a life-threatening disease, and will possibly have a child who will have outstanding athletic ability. The question is, how ethical is it to be able to genetically select specific traits for your child? Individuals believe that genetic selection of children will help eliminate all of the so-called “deadly and bad genes” that parents may not want for their child, while other individuals believe that selecting genes for children should not even exist, due to the fact that reproduction should produce a child without the use of science. Science should not choose or cheat in the traits a child should have.

The history of human genetic engineering goes back to the early ancient times, when people were able to produce products using micro-organisms. The term, eugenics was introduced in the late 1800’s by Sir Francis Galton. The term comprises the idea of humans being “well-born” into society. Galton believed that society should “weed out” the useless members. Eugenics has allowed scientists to consume the idea…

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