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For the interview , I asked a Quincey -playing in the building area, building with blocks, what is favorite toy was, and he grabbed some building blocks, and stacked them ,and replied ” Blocks are my favorite toys , especially the green ones.” I asked him “why” , and he responded that - “you can build towers.” He said “you can build a red tower, a blue one, a green one, and lastly a yellow one.” Quincey stated he also enjoyed counting them. He is fully engaged in building, and can build small towers, and castles around him. He spends most of his time building with the blocks, and can stay focused on his task for most of his play time. Quincey was asked , what he enjoyed more blocks, or small puzzles. He replied “blocks”. He said he like to …show more content…
The toys that were evaluated included: 1) Sphero 2.0 , 2) LEGO Mindstorms EV3 , 3) Sparkup Magical Book Reader , 4) Nano-Falcon Helicopter , 5) Lear Reader Pen , and 6) 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot Kit. Sphero 2.0 has speeds of up to 7 feet per second (2 meters per second) , and is driven by an- iPhone, or iPad. There are a few Cons which include: the novelty of the toy might wear off after a while, and get bored of it- if you are not a big fan. The Pros include: it is faster,brighter,changes colors, and includes more compatible applications than the first version (1.0). It runs through htc-1 camera, and can be up to 100 feet (30 meters) away without disconnecting. The Sphero 2.0 is fun,robust, and includes more than 25 apps to download, not all the apps are free, and some apps are programmable. The Sphero has a retail price of $ 110-130, and is Android,bluetooth,windows. and ios compatible. There is a turbo boost feature which allows for the Sphero to travel faster for a few seconds, and is also completely waterproof, and swims on the surface of the water. For outside, and water use- Sphero nubby cover is available in different colors, and adds extra protection, and traction to the Sphero. It is easy to recharge, and includes a charging station. The Sphero can be used by itself, or with Apps -some are augmented virtual reality, construct obstacle courses with …show more content…
I noticed that the child spent a long time constructing the building blocks, and was actively interested in building his visual literacy skills. His spatial skills, and awareness including building, and creating is important in becoming numerate, and scientifically literate with regards to using visually orientated new technologies (Diezmann and Watters 2000). Conceptualization was also further displayed by building on the ideas, and concepts of how ideas, things, and the world works, in this particular case- the building of a city. The experience continues when the child plays, and builds with the blocks again, and again -attributing to the growth of: conceptualization, analyzation, application of knowledge, and experience learning by design, and

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