Altered States How Television Changes Childhood By Joshua Meyrowitz

Television, Friend or Foe Television has been around for while and it honestly I can say it is still a fundamental item in most families around the world. Even though television has change over time, I believe that families have learned the advantages and disadvantages of having this type of technology at home. According to the article “Altered States: How Television Changes Childhood” by Joshua Meyrowitz, the author states how the television has affected the relationship between parents and their children. After reading the article I notice how Meyrowitz focus mostly on the negative aspects of the effects of television, which is not at all true. Although I don’t completely disagree with the author opinion I wish he could have bee more specific explaining both sides of the story. When I say both sides of the story I am refereeing of the positive effects …show more content…
Instead we should learn how to create a strong bound between parents and their children. It sounds simple but it is a lot of work because every family is different, they tend to have different life styles at home. Television will always be exposing adult material, it doesn’t matter how overprotective parents can be, and explicit material will be available somehow. For this reason parents also need to learn to communicate and express their thoughts with full honesty to children. Being honest to children doesn’t mean teaching him/her the darkest secrets of adult material, in contrast it means to guide them to the right path in life making sure they are aware of what they are watching and most important is to show interest to learn more about what he or she likes. With that being said I can attest from my own to experience narrow it down the specific reasons of why I believe Meyrowitz article could have used more details expressing the negative and positive effects television have between parents and

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