Essay On Stereotypes In America

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Stereotypes between different classes have made social problems that America has been struggling with for decades. Society has become blind to certain issues because of stereotypes that are held between classes. I live in an area that is seen as a place where wealthy people reside, and in my narrative, people judged me based on that area in which I live. I also judged people of the lower class because I was not used to the circumstances they lived in. These judgments were made based on stereotypes of the opposing classes without knowledge on how these people really lived. As a result of these uneducated stereotypes, people of a certain class tend to look down on people of the opposite class. As a result, the many stereotypes made make people blind to real problems in the world such as the increasing wealth gap between the rich and poor.
Stereotypes are seen in any situation where people are separated by discriminative factors such as class. For example, the people of the lower class see the rich as “a special glamorous race” instead of similar people with more money (Michaels). The poor put aside the fact that the rich have actual feelings and assume all of their problems are fixed by the money they own. It is also
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The stereotypes that are made make it so people are seen in a different way. Due to this people are looked down upon because they live a different lifestyle than others. These stereotypes also cause problems such as the blindness towards the wealth gap America is experiencing. If people were to see everyone as who they really were the rich might not have as much of a problem sharing their money with the poor. The wealth gap also makes it hard for people of the lower class to get an education and experience upward mobility. For these reasons, stereotypes are a big issue that causes many problems in

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