Standardized Testing Should NOT Be Done In Schools

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Students go through school often just worried about passing one test to the next in order to make it through. A major problem that has been happening in education is state testing and if it is beneficial for students to take part in. It is often questioned whether it is beneficial to show a student’s progress of these tests do more harm than good. I do not think schools should be focused on taking state test. Schools should be focused on testing all the time because it takes the quality out of what a good education should be, some students don’t test well but actually do know what they are talking about because they suffer from test anxiety and the pressures put on them from the test, and the tests arent doing anything to help our nation or states unlike what the goals of No Child Left Behind are. Standardized testing shouldn’t be happening in our education system.
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Students are worried about passing the test just to make the grade. Some students may suffer from “instructor sensitivity” which is being prepared based on what the teacher has taught them or not (Popham 49). This is something students have no control over but often get worked up over because the mentality of passing this test has taken a grip on them. Test anxiety happens every time for some students when they sit down to test. Test anxiety makes students forget what they learned and can make them unable to perform on a test. Over 90% of students suffer from some level of test anxiety (Muldevon 1). reports that most test come with instructions if a student vomits on the exam, this example was given for a school in the Sacramento Bee newspaper (ProCon). Students shouldn’t be forced to take these standardized test because of the mental health issues that have come from it and also the No Child Left behind Act that was put into place is no longer

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