Vaccines Should Be Mandatory Essay

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No parent would want their child to die at a young age due to an illness that could have been prevented with a vaccination. If children were to receive all of their necessary vaccines, then they will not have a risk of getting an incurable illness. Vaccines prevent children from getting sick. According to Whitman et al. (2015), “Approximately half the children were vaccinated against influenza; yet ninety percent of deaths occurred among unvaccinated children” (pg. 1802). In other words, vaccines are useful and protect children, not cause sicknesses. There are many illnesses that are prevented from a vaccine. Some parents do not believe their children should be vaccinated. Vaccines should be mandatory because it will keep the child healthy, vaccines will slow the spread of disease, and vaccines will eliminate the disease. Vaccines are a type of medication that has come a very long way. According to Anne Nikula et al. (2009), “Vaccinating refers to the active immunization of the …show more content…
Everyone getting vaccines would be a solution to stop people from getting sick. Mandatory vaccines should be law in the United States because it will help protect everyone. If the vaccinations for children are mandatory, it could kind of save money for the family because the mother or father would not be missing work to help their child when they are sick. If families would realize that the vaccines do not have any major side effects or cause autism then, no child would be sick because every child would be vaccinated. Some of the most dangerous diseases are prevented from vaccinations at a young age for children. Parents just have to come to the realization that vaccinations are very healthy and protect their child and everyone around them. Once parents finally realize this then our whole world will be healthy and

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