Pros and Cons of Green Living Essay example

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Green living and renewable energy has been a hot topic in discussions for years. Politicians, environmentalists and companies have made their points on both sides of the argument and tried to force their beliefs onto the public. The masses have now heard how renewable energy helps reduce pollution and how expensive it would be to switch our lifestyle but I don’t think many people know why we need this change or why it is not necessary. Green living has been shown to help reduce our carbon footprint and help the planet but others are saying that it is a waste of money and not necessary in order to survive. By far, the most popular argument in support of a more eco-friendly lifestyle is the fact that it reduces waste and …show more content…
Most of the opposition’s arguments are mostly centered on the idea that it is not worth our time, energy and money to have a greener lifestyle. Developing new technologies is an expensive process and manufacturing them once they work needs even more money; are companies really going to spend that much money to try out a new process that may or may not work? No. If a company is already suffering economically, they wouldn’t even be able to pay for the thousands of new jobs needed and this could drive them into bankruptcy. Even more important is the matter that these new projects and developments need individuals or companies to fund them. Private investors will not loan their money out to a project that doesn’t promise quick and large returns; without these investors, the projects will sit on the waiting list. With the amount of money needed to be spent, many people are beginning to think that going green is not necessary for our survival. As with every debate, green technologies (mainly fuels) are compared side to side to see which one is better and then people decide which they would like to support. This argument tends to be mostly about comparing energy sources and alternative fuels. People seem to realize that a gasoline powered car is far more powerful than an electric car and the same goes for oil-powered businesses. Oil might not be extremely efficient but the process

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