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The long time question in society is about drug addiction. Is it choice or disease? In life we have a lot of choices. I feel that drug addiction is mainly choice but also disease has a part of addiction. Untimely in life we choose to do things, but after a while you feel like you cannot live without it. I think it’s a very controversial questions, sometimes it’s the person’s choice to first take the drug, then once they have it they can never get enough and become addicted. Some of us are forced to become addicted by doctors by putting them on certain pills. A very large amount of heroin addicts was first introduced to opiates by taking a pain pill that was prescribed to them by their doctor. After a while of taking the pain medications that …show more content…
In one box the rats had cocaine laced water and that was it. In the other box they made a nice little park for the rats and gave them a choice of regular water and cocaine laced water. Slater stated that Alexander …show more content…
In a journal titled The Role of Opioidergic Genes in the Treatment Outcome of Drug Addiction Pharmacotherapy: A Systematic Review written by Isabelle E. Bauer, PhD, Jair C. Soares, MD, PhD, David A. Nielsen, PhD they state:
Drug addiction is a serious illness with deleterious functional and social consequences for both the affected individuals, their families, and society at large. In spite of the abundant research on substance dependence, there are few effective treatments for this disease. Given the crucial role of the endogenous opioid system in the development and maintenance of substance abuse disorders, this review focuses on the opioidergic system and examines the role of opioidergic genes in the treatment outcome of pharmacotherapies of alcohol, opioid, and cocaine addiction (15).
Drug addictions is a very serious illness with a lot of toxic worthless and social consequences for more than just the ones that use and abuse the drug. I believe that there are a lot of addicts that are mentally ill when they begin using drugs. They are not in their right state of mind. There is a large amount of study done on abuse and dependency but there are very little active treatment programs for the problem. This is a very important part of getting help is to see what the problem was to begin with. Why did this person become an

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