Rational Theory Vs Social Control Theory

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The problem is that we cannot assume whether an individual action was irrational due to our belief’s while he or she considered their actions as rational. This become important when it comes to choosing an alternative options: attend a rehabilitation center or risk incarceration for that crime. Research has proving that the threat of arrest, rather than harshness is the most important deterrent factor, and many programs that focus on rehabilitation have been unsuccessful. An individual will plan to make a choice based on his habits or after critical thinking, and then decide on his actions. A decision based on habitual instincts sees one effective alternating option with deliberating his choice. When he deliberates, he is considering moral implications of his actions.
Although the Rational theory is not connected to the social control theory, it is
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Crimes are events that take time in a specific given point in time. Their accomplishments may not be in the most suitable or necessary conditions. Control theory like most theories include the opportunity to commit a crime into their process of evaluating why crime is committed. Those crimes are done through the program of involvement, which is simplified for “involvement in traditional activities”. The idea proposes that people who do traditional things- employment, video games, watching sporting events or television, homework, hobbies, or participating in a social circle which ceases the time to commit delinquents act, whatever their delinquent disposition may be. Despite that the involvement factor fares well in the common sense category, when put to test by researchers its has been disappointing. Researchers have found that employed adolescents are more likely to be delinquents. Also the amount of hours where an adolescent is partaking in acts that are conventional have also proved

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