Pros And Cons Of College Education Worth The Cost

College Education Worth the Cost
What you guys think does College Education Worth the Cost? In the article “The Wall Street Journal” edited by Riley, she said that college education does not worth the cost. Again, she claims that most of the colleges are doing their business, they did not care about student (Riley). Those types of colleges have lack serious core curriculum, they did not they their responsibility towards student. Moreover, I will not support Riley argument because I am doing to support the article “college is still worth the expenses,” written by Justin Draeger. College education worth the cost from different ways. All college student does not have same aim to attain college. In this
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“Education is the essence of the democratic ideals that elevated the United states from a backward of rebellious colonists to the greatest, most spirited, powerful and successful nation in the world” (Hansen). Some people thought that going to college is just to waste of time and money. Actually, that is not right because going college and paying to the college is same like saving money in bank. Going college helps us to know the world, and why we are here. College education is not only for greater quality of life and more money because education is important to make house to home. If parents are educated than only their children will be smart and intelligent. Researcher also found that children whose parents are educated, those children are healthier, and they themselves attend college than the children from uneducated parents. Therefore, college education is important to social …show more content…
Most of the work needs education. According to the Riley, many companies in the United States hire people who know how to read, write, and know math (Riley). That means person who have college degree, they have lots of opportunities of better job. People who have degree on hand get higher pay rates. If people are educated they will get work in which field they get degree. In different companies there will different types of job opens. If we are educated and our qualification is match which such upper position that make our lives. How much we spent money to study, we will able to worth it. In fact, “A college education is an extraordinarily investment” (Hansen). How much we struggle while studying we will earn everything after earning degree and better job. That is why college degree is important to get better job. In conclusion, college worth the cost by providing the good education, giving opportunities to have better career and opening the various opportunities in life. According to the Children’s Defense Fund director Marian Wright Edelman cautioned that if we have college diploma at hand do not work for money because it will not help us to sleep at night and save our soul (Hansen). People who had a college degree at hand should know use it in proper place than only they will worth the cost. There were many ways to get money to attain college to get education that is why

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