Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

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The glitz and glamour look is an expectation from little girls entering the pageant world. Thousands of girls are forced into joining pageants by obsessive-winning parents who are not informed properly about the scandalous world of beauty pageants. Parents need to understand the consequences of joining child pageants and how they teach children to become ignorant and conceited.
Extracurricular activities look amazing when applying for colleges but, they can become excessively time consuming. Time is precious to pageant parents which require an abundance amount of time to look for the perfect stylist, outfits, and coaches. Parents unfortunately, let the pageants take over their lives resulting in pulling their children out of school and home
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They believe that girls should wear pink and have to wear makeup, and dresses in order to “fit the role.” Pageant girls are scored by their appearance, for example, in glitz pageants ties are broken with “facial features scores” (Puttin’on the Glitz). Moms regularly take their daughters out pageants after realizing their “beauty” is being scored instead of their efforts and personalities. People say they are not only scored by their features but, also their talents, talents that are specified for woman. It is time to stop defining kids and let them choose if they want the truck or a barbie because as they become adults they will be ignorant and make the same mistake of being sexist.
Throughout the pageant experience, girls are being taught worthless life skills, such as, ignorance and spendthrift. They will also become sexist and genderize. They will only care about the way a person looks and not their personality or work ethics. Parents can not let pageants control their lives, as well as, teach useless skills to their children. Girls are not being taught how to survive out in the real world but, in the world of glitz and

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