Properties Of Freezing Point Depression Essay

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Colligative properties, or properties pertaining to solutions can be broken down into four main categories: Osmotic pressure, boiling point elevation, and freezing point depression. These three properties change drastically when in a solution compared to their values in a pure state. This is because the increased entropy leads things like a higher boiling point or lower freezing point. This lab explored the properties of freezing point depression and focused on how the freezing point was lowered when mixed with a salt and how much it was lowered when mixed with a sugar molecule. The application of freezing point depression can be seen in the real world as NaCl or table salt is typically spread out on roads so that when water falls on to the roads in the cold winter months it won’t freeze at normal temperatures, instead the water would have a lower freezing point and thus the roads would not ice. The lab also explored how to solve for an unknown using simply the freezing point depression and the molality, which can be converted into moles and then compared to molecular weights. Colligative properties are all around people and have had so many important but unseen impacts on the physical world.

EXPERIMENTAL An ice bath was prepared so that the freezing point of water could be collected. A 250 mL beaker was filled with ice and 20 g of rock along with 20 ml of H20 and was then stirred to drastically lower the temperature to -10 to -15 °C. The Lab Quest was then set up for…

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