Propaganda And Government Propagand Propaganda Essays

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Propaganda refers to some form of communication that is usually aimed towards influencing the attitudes of certain groups of people toward some position or cause. Information that is shared as propaganda is not impartial and is primarily used to influence an audience and more so to further a certain agenda. People who spread propaganda achieve their aim by presenting facts selectively with a view of encouraging a certain outcome or can even choose to use loaded messages to produce rational responses. There are different types of propaganda and government propaganda is one of the most outstanding. (Ellul, 2003)
What is government propaganda?
Government propaganda points at ideas, information or rumors that are spread deliberately widely with a view of influencing certain opinions in the political arena. This form of propaganda is not only propagated through advertisements but also in radio, posters, newspapers, television sets and books and also anything else that can be sent out to the general public and spread a certain message fast. (Grieb, 2004)
Just like the case is for any other type of propaganda, government propaganda shares similar techniques with public relations and advertising. Each of these can also be thought of as propaganda that aims at promoting certain targeted messages. Government propaganda is quite widespread in the 21st century. It seems to be the focal concern for many politicians who are seeking to gain mileage over their counterparts. It…

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