Promote Fire Safety

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possible. If needed, we can provide basic support and reassurance, such as resuscitation or other circulatory checkups to the person suffering from sudden illness.
Handle Hazardous Substances
13. 6 a Some of the hazardous substances in the laundry department includes chemicals, detergent, bleach, laundry products, condition liquid, scented liquid, and stain remover. All these products contain different types of chemical blends that should not be mixed or spilled accidentally to avoid health risks.
Promote Fire Safety
13.7 a To prevent the fire from starting and spreading it is recommended to use fire safety equipment and tools such as smoke alarm, fire alarm and fire extinguisher. Smoking should also be banned in work areas and closed areas. After using machines and electronic equipment, it should be a standard procedure to unplug it. If fire already started,
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There are alarms and door locks, lighting, signage, and symbols in different areas, there are also telephone and the internet that can be used in case of emergency. All these tools should protect employees and the elderly patients with dementia.
13.8 b to check the identity of the process is to understand what is the agreed legal ways to check their background if someone is requesting access to different work areas is to check on their identification or ID. They should also log-in during their entry and log-off during their exit. Badges must also be checked or kept on the counter or security area. There are also recommended scanner and biometric system and other electronic devices that are legally allowed to control the identification of visitors and employees. All of these should provide safety to control the flow of people and confidential information of the

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