Promiscuity Is The Fact Or State Of Being Promiscuous Essay

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Promiscuity is the fact or state of being promiscuous. This is based on sexual relationships with a numerous number of people on a certain basis. Catullus writes poems that deal with promiscuity in a numerous number of them. I have examined these two of Catullus poems that he addresses to Lesbia. I was able to translate the wording as some I couldn’t comprehend well into modern day language. There is a sexual relationship between the two even though Lesbia is married to another man. I began to identify of the negative effects of promiscuity in these certain poems. As Catullus and Lesbia continue their relationship, many rumors start to spread and many begin to judge them. The two are very indiscriminate in which they do at random without careful judgment. Through the use of infidelity, Catullus shows the negative effects of promiscuity. Throughout Catullus’ poems, he addresses Lesbia. There is a sexual relationship between the two of them while Lesbia is in another relationship. Catullus says “ That is, the lady burns- and talks”. Lesbia insults Catullus while in her husband’s presence because she is angry. After translating this into modern terms, I understood that Lesbia was saying bad things of Catullus in front of her man. He states “If she could forget me and shut up, She 'd be sane: now because she whines and slanders me,” In today’s time, this would be known as cheating. Lesbia is in a sexual relationship with different men at one time. Most people in today’s…

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