Project Manager For The Alaskan Project Essay

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In 2008 Paul Blakeslee was employed with Shaw Environment and Infrastructure, a contracting firm with numerous contracts across the globe. Paul was the manager of the employees designated to complete a contract in Alaska worth over $100 million. Specifically, the company was responsible for working on Fort Richardson and Fort Wainwright, both United States Army bases. Shortly after entering the position, Paul became aware that the project manager for the Alaskan project, Richard Lantz, owned at least one third of the company that was leasing the equipment Shaw was utilizing for the job. The equipment was valued at approximately $2 million and the company was often not bidding competitively; yet, was still being awarded the leasing contracts. As a result, Paul felt that fraud was taking place, and decided to write a letter to Shaw’s then CEO, Mr. J M Bernhard Jr. In the lawsuit that followed, it states that Lantz became informed about Paul’s letter to the CEO and in consequence threatened to lay him off. Lantz’s reasoning for the necessity of ceasing the employment of Paul was to save money. (Schaefer, 2013) Approximately one week after being threatened with termination, he received a letter from Shaw telling employees to report any suspicious or adverse dealings within the organization. The following is an excerpt from Blakeslee’s affidavit explaining why he sent the letter, taken from, "I wrote my letter dated September 19, 2008 because when I learned that…

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