Project Manager For Retirement Of Legacy Systems Essay

1030 Words Jun 1st, 2016 null Page
For the first half of the year, I feel I have met and / or exceeded my performance objectives for 2016. As I approach my one year anniversary with BPI, I have seen myself growing as a stronger, more efficient project manager for retirement of legacy systems. In the past, I would get too caught up in the details of each system either by doing the system analysis myself or trying to learn every aspect of a specific application. With over 121 applications this was not possible. Based on the tips and feedback I received from Hideki, I took a step back and re-accessed my performance and how I could be a better project manager. One area of improvement was being able to get the key businesses and system owners more vested in the retirement of their applications. This allowed me to focus more on the overall project management. And if it’s needed, I would assist in finding a strategic solution for any gaps that were identified. An example would be the outstanding items that are preventing the retirement of OMS and GCOM. There were five key items outside the COM on Aladdin Project that would hold up the retirement of those applications until a strategic solution was found. Each item was assigned to an individual / team to investigate and resolve. I followed with each group for an update on their progress, then gathered the larger group together to provide updates on the overall status of the project. Another area of improvement is the expansion or strengthening of my…

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