Project Management Plan For A Program Essay

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When project managers set their sights on delivering their project on time and within budget, they must select and manage a team of experienced and competent professionals who can meet the challenge. This requires that project managers to undergo a process of planning to select, develop, and manage a project team. This process is performed during the planning phase of the project however should be monitored and controlled throughout the project life cycle (Singh, 2015). During this process, the project manager identifies what resources are needed, what each team members will be doing, and the who, what, and how training will be provided (Greene & Stellman, 2014).
This paper begins with defining the inputs; project management plan, activity resource requirements, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets. The tools and techniques will be reviewed next; organizational charts and position description, networking, organizational theory, Organizational theory historical summary, expert judgment, and meetings. This paper ends with a description of the output of this planning process which is the actual human resource management plan.
Project Management Plan
The project management plan is used to develop the human resource management plan. The information used from this plan includes; project lifecycle and the processes that will be applied to each phase, how the project objectives will be accomplished, a change management plan explaining how…

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