Project Based Transformational Change Project Essay

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Project Overview
Riverside County High School, which is part of Riverside County Office of Education alternative education department. A project-based Transformational Change Project (TCP) will be implemented at several high schools. Project-based learning will be implemented to address the academic needs of students who have not been academically successful. As part of the TCP an evaluation and leadership team (TCLT) has been established for the implementation of the program. The evaluation and leadership team participants were selected from various sites; this was due to the high school having various sites throughout Riverside County. People selected for the both teams have been actively involved in creating and implementing project-based learning at their sites in the core subject areas of science and mathematics.
Description of the Data Collection Process
The purpose of this evaluation is to analyze the implementation of the project-based Transformational Change Project for the Riverside County Office of Education where five data gathering instruments will be used. Data instruments will allow for an impact evaluation to assess the effect and outcomes of the overall implementation of project-base learning (Owen, 2007). Three instruments are questionnaires and two will gather from existing data. Surveys were created to obtain data from teachers, school staff and students regarding the implementation of project-based learning from different prospective. Existing data will…

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