Professionalism, Ethics And Law Initial Apprehensions Essay

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Professionalism, Ethics and Law Initial Apprehensions
When I realized that I would be taking a course focusing on ethics and legal issues in counseling, I must admit that I was a bit intimidated. Weeks before the course started, I mentioned to my husband that I may need his encouragement and help since he is an attorney. The only prior knowledge that I had on law and ethics was through overhearing my husband talk about legal issues and ethics related to current events that we see on the nightly news. My husband enjoys debating with his friends about recent events through the context of law and ethics, while I always felt these types of conversations were irrelevant to me. Interpreting law in certain contexts, as well as navigating ethical issues has always seemed overwhelming to me, especially with all the laws, standards, and codes that have been created at the school district, local, state, and federal levels. In fact, I always thought that professional ethics required one to know all standards and codes backwards and forwards in order to navigate issues well. However, after being introduced to the ACA’s (2014) and ASCA’s (2010) code of ethics, I realized that I could successfully navigate ethical and legal issues as long as I used the manuals for reference. I also learned that professional counselors rarely work through issues without consulting with a supervisor or other colleagues (Remley & Herlihy, 2016). Realizing that ethics is more of practicing a high…

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