Professional Competence And Ethical Behaviour Essay

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Assuming I intend to practice in a private practice setting in Canada, I would make sure that I continue to “maintain high standards of professional competence and ethical behaviour” (CCPA, 2007), as per ethical code A1, and maintain my “professional responsibility to act in accordance with the CCPA Code of Ethics” (CCPA, 2007), as per ethical code C2. For both individual and group counselling, I would explain to the clients, as per ethical code B2 (CCPA, 2007; Martin, Shepard & Lehr, 2015), that, “It is important that you know the type of relationship you will have with me, as your counsellor. All of the information you tell me in the sessions will be kept confidential, including your name and that you are in counselling, which means I will not share it with anyone outside of the sessions without asking for your written and verbal permission unless you are a danger to yourself. If this happens, I will need to talk to your family member or your doctor, or carry on without your permission so I can make sure you will be safe. If you tell me about wanting to hurt another person that could cause physical harm or injury, then I will need to let that person and the police know to stop the person from getting hurt. If a lawyer asks me for your information or when the court demands me to share your information with them, then I will try to ask for your permission first, but there may be a chance I won’t be able to ask you. If this happens, I will only give them the information they…

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