Professional Athletes Should Not Have A Salary Cap Essay

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A Feather in a Salary Cap Why should the President of the United States make less than a Major League Baseball rookie? Professional athletes acquire a whole heap of money, and there are some people who believe that star players make way too much money. For example, many superstars in baseball, basketball, and football enjoy multi-year contracts that are worth more than $100 million. Because of these unreasonably high salaries, many people think salary caps are a good thing for the players. On the other side of this debate, others believe that the players should not have a salary cap because the players work hard to earn their paychecks. This paper will examine the pros, cons, and my viewpoint on whether professional athletes should have a salary cap or not have a salary cap. First, some people argue that salary caps are good because they help keep expenses down and makes it fairer for other teams. Some superstars reap ridiculous amounts of money. Arthur Belisle, Spartans Daily Journalist, reports that Alex Rodriquez, a New York Yankees Outfielder, makes around $27.5 million a year, Miguel Cabrera, the Detroit Tigers third baseman makes roughly $30 million a year, and the Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard makes $25 million a year. Belisle opines that, “A quarter of a billion dollars to swing a bat for the next 10 years is ludicrous when you step back and actually think about it.” Belisle adds that, since the star players already make money from their…

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