Essay about Professiona and Organisational Issues in Counselling

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Learning Outcome 1- Understand what is meant by Counselling


The term counselling facilitates personal and interpersonal functioning across the lifespan with the main focus on emotional, vocational, social, educational, health related and developmental concerns this encompasses a broad range of practices that help people to improve their well being, alleviate stress and maladjustment, reslove crisis and increases their ability to live more fully functioning lives. Counselling is unique in its attention to both normal developmental issues as well as the problems associated with physical, emotional and mental disorders. The BACP states that “counselling takes place when a counsellor see a client in a private and confidential
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Learning Outcome2 – Understand the need to work within the Ethical Framework.
As Counsellors we all need to follow set guidelines to ensure continuity amongst the proffesion. The Ethical Framework informs us on the principles and values which we must adhere to whilst practising counselling and psychotherapy. The guidelines are in place in order to protect the client, the practitioner and in some cases the general public. The codes included are for the use of counsellors, trainers and supervisors as a point of reference which they can refer back to when needed to enusre they are working as morally and ethically as they should be. Although there are grey areas in some parts and it does not provide direct answers on the whole it is reassuring to have this as a safety net, even though by adhereing to all the principles at the same time can lead to a conflict of interests. As a counsellor I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for good practice in counselling and psychotherapy. As well as working in a professional setting e.g. on my placement, as per the BACP ethical framework I am obliged to adhere to the ethical code of practice of the agency I am with. I am fully aware that there will be different legal restrictions in place depending on where and who I am working for.

The BACP Ethical Freamework prides istelf in the fundemental values which include integrity of practitioner –

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