Karen's Story Midlife Growing Pain Analysis

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Chapter Review 6: Karen’s Story: Midlife Growing Pains

A.) Summary and Reaction
Karen is a 35-year-old, who started to question her sexuality and sexual orientation after being married for 14 years. She ended up leaving her husband Steve and moving in with her new partner/girlfriend Gwen. One day they were walking Gwen’s dog and a man attacked them because they were “lesbians” this was an important experience for Karen. This is when she realized people will discriminate based on your sexual orientation and this was one of the many experiences she may continue facing later in her life. After seven years, she and Gwen broke up and she was on a journey of self-discovery again. She then began to think that she was “bisexual”, but was scared to talk to others about it because of the judgments associated with it. She seemed to become more comfortable with not
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There were many reactions that emerged for me when reading this story. First, was that this woman was very brave to make a change like this given her life and the path she was on. I think it was amazing that she could make this transition and ended up accepting who she really was. I too can relate to taking risks and learning to accept. It is definitely not easy for me to let go of things from the past, such as previous relationships. I think Karen also struggled with this, but she learned how to move forward and that is what is important. I could not imagine how hard that must have been for her and I commend her for her strength. I too believe that I am a strong person and can get through anything that comes my way so this story really resonated with me because of her strength to become true to herself. This is something that I have been working on for many years and this program has helped to facilitate my own growth on a personal and professional level (for that I am truly

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