Production Of A Manufacturing System Essay

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The operation and display of tools, people, materials, machine and information in order to create a desirable product with the right specification whose outcome and cost is attributed by measurable parameters is known as a manufacturing system (systemdesign, nd). Flexibility, capacity, lead time, efficiency, environment, volume and variety are a few of the various criteria through which the right product specification are successfully achieved ( ).
Craft industries where the early manufacturing industries in the early nineteenth century. They were classified as heavy weights, time consuming and react slowly to modification in the environment (Torlak, 2004). The use of committed production lines to aid the manufacturing by reducing waste and optimizing output brought about the lean manufacturing system which met market demand slowly and steady through mass production (Smalley, 2005).Mass production and full exploitation of plant capacity has been known to be the most effective way in manufacturing, this proceeded to the ability of manufacturing industries to be in flexible and not able to reconfigure easily (Badurdeen, 2010). Due to the fast raise in demand and change in global markets moving into the 21st century, organisations are likely to find them self-lacking behind if they cannot adapt to the very quick change in the global market (Toliusienè & Mankuté, 2013). The need to be flexible eliminates the long lead time, low quality of product and…

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