Product Of Need For Our Vehicles Essay

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Product of Need One of the products I need is oil for our vehicles. One may assume that all oil is created equal and it would be wise to choose just any brand to put in your vehicle. One may assume that the cheapest brand may be the best choice and would save the consumer money. There are many oil manufacturers in the United States and most all claim their product to be the best. The Marketing departments for most of the larger brands spend millions of dollars to convince you to buy their oil. Why do you think they do this? It is because many more millions of dollars are on the line for the sale of their brands. I use Valvoline oil because my dad marketed it to me first. He changed his oil religiously and preached the value of using oil that he trusted. I was familiar with the commercials on television that featured many of the different brands. Many would have ads on daily. I remember one that featured a mechanic that smiled and stated how important it was to change the oil in your automobile. His famous line was that you could pay him a little now for new oil or you could pay him a lot later for a new engine. Every commercial was the same, their product was the best and one of the only ways to keep your engine running at its best. One of the most important parts of marketing is to sell in such a way it creates customers for generations to come. The most successful companies achieve this.”…

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