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Company Overview
Pro Clean has many competitors. Pro Clean has to be able to come up with a great company strategy in order to get more customers. The owner Kevin Wilson has been putting a lot of work in increasing his business. He added several vans, and also has been trying to add more qualified people who can reach his customers.
The owner realized that his company was starting to get a little out
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The Geographic area in land is of 92.7 sq. miles.. One of the reason that population is flourishing the city is closer to an interstate. The household income is $30,473 and estimated median house condo value in 2005 was $100,400.
Socio/Cultural. Knoxville is the third largest city in Tennessee and apparently is growing really fast. There are many residences as well as commercial areas.
Economic. According to the book, the economy is growing and not because of a single industry, but by areas of trade, transportation, utilities, and financial activities
Stakeholder Analysis
The business does not have stakeholders,yet. Pro Clean is still growing and if this analysis helps it grow steadily, pretty soon it can become company with stakeholders.
Industry Analysis
Industry Definition
Name of Business: Pro Clean
Code in the NAICS: 561740
Corresponding Index Entry: Carpet Cleaning
Industry Competitive Analysis Pro Clean has many competitors. Around the area there are five other business that does carpet cleaning and even offer other types of cleaning. The companies are the following:

D. Cleaner. This company is the strongest one in Knoxville. D. Cleaner has 7 van 18-20 employees, and has 50 years of experience in the business. The company is the only one that does hard wood floor restoration, and hardwood cleaning.

King Rug. This is the only company beside Pro Clean that cleans rug, none of the

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