Process and Content Theory of Motivation and How They Apply to the Work Place

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Theories of Motivation - Overview of the Content Theories of Motivation
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1. Yenna Monica D. P.
2. What is MOTIVATION? Derived from the Latin word „MOVERE‟ which means „to move‟ The processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort towards attaining a goal.
3.  Effort - concerns the magnitude or intensity of employee‟s work – related behaviour.  Direction - quality of an employee‟s work – that is the investment of sustained effort in a direction that benefits the employer.  Persistence - concerns the sustained efforts employee manifested in their work- related activities
4. 3 Major Types of Motivation Theories  Content Theories of Motivation WHAT motivates us  Process
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• Work is as natural as play, if the conditions are favorable. • Self-control is often indispensable in achieving organizational goals. • The capacity for creativity in solving organizational problems is widely distributed in the population. • Motivation occurs at the social, esteem, and self- actualization levels, as well as physiological and security levels. • People can be self-directed and creative at work if properly motivated.
12. Fredrick Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation • Developed a unique and exciting motivation theory • Frederick Herzberg's theory of motivation is also called 'Two Factor Theory', 'Dual Factor Theory' and 'Hygiene / Maintenance Theory of Motivation‟ • focused attention on the work environment to identify factors that arouse in people either positive or negative attitudes toward their work. Content Theories of Motivation
13. Fredrick Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation Content Theories of Motivation
14. Fredrick Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation Content Theories of Motivation Job satisfaction and Job dissatisfaction are important concepts of Herzberg‟s motivation – hygiene theory. School administrators may neglect to consider that dissatisfied teachers may weaken the educational program. Basic motivational principles and techniques can help administrators meet teacher needs.
15. Fredrick Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation Theories of Motivation TIPS THAT CAN HELP SCHOOL

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