Problems With Clean Water And Serious Reproduction Growth Rate

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Poverty has been a big and bigger problem in the past years. In the modern world, poverty strikes multiple millions of people from different sides of the globe. Poverty in the world has become an issue because people living in countries like Kenya and Mexico, fight every day to get the necessary needs to stay alive. Even in countries like Mexico, neighbour of the United States, people still have issues with poverty. On the other hand, a country like Kenya, located at the coast of the indian ocean, have many problems with clean water and serious reproduction growth rate.
To begin, a prevalent country to state is poverty in Mexico. In today’s society, Mexico suffers with extreme black market creating huge financial problems to the country. Nearly twelve million Mexicans are involved in the black market today (Borgen magazine, 2016). Drug cartels in Mexico take between 18 to 39 billion dollars from drug sales each year. Did you know that drug cartels gather up and give 1 billion to municipal police to bribe them? (business insider, 2012). This proves that gangs and drug cartel are extremely powerful and destructive on both people and government. To continue, Mexico’s struggle into poverty and getting necessary day to day needs. Nearly 46% of Mexico’s population live under the poverty line. On this, 25 million Mexicans work under 14$/day. Comparing this to canada, Canadians, make average 136$/day creating a big pay difference between these countries ( statistique…

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