Essay On Fresh Water

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Introduction Water is one of the most crucial elements in industry, farming, agriculture and everyday life making life on earth impossible without it. However, there are some regions that this important resource is limited or polluted and are known as arid regions. Certain places are located in all the world and coincide with poor countries such as Latin America, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, accounting for 18% of the total. Over the years, these areas have been affected by water shortages as lack of natural rainfall resulting in deficiency of meeting the needs of the growing population. According to UNESCO (2009) about 40% of peoples living in similar districts have suffered problems of water continuously and it is predicted that by …show more content…
The concentration of minerals and salt is significantly high making it impossible to be used in farming or everyday consumption and techniques of distillation have been used to reduce the quantity of the above mentioned elements to make it suitable for human use. This might be one of the most common ways of providing fresh water to populations as it has been known since 1950s and it would make dramatical contribute to supply fresh water to arid areas. For example, Qatar and Saudi Arabia depend on desalination as a solution to supply freshwater to their citizens according to Koundouri (2006) reporting a growth in their economy which is attributed to the use of desalination despite lacking a natural freshwater source. On the other hand, even though desalination could provide large volumes of tap water, implementing it is associated with high costs which probably has made this method not widely preferred. As Semiat (2002) asserts costs are mainly for equipment’s installation and maintenance without leaving behind the staff and energy required during the complex process. However, Chaudhry (2004) mentions in a report that the general costs for desalination have fallen and will follow a downward trend in the coming

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