Essay about Problems Facing Cities Becoming A Megacity

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In order to be considering a megacity, a city has to have over 10 million citizens in its metropolitan area (Bugliarello, 1999). Different reasons can be nominated as causes of cities become a megacity. People coming from rural areas trying to find a better condition of life maybe are the major reason of the population growth in most megacities. However, with a big agglomeration of people and a big city, the government has to not let the problems assume control of the city. Problems such as overpopulation, housing and natural disasters are common in every megacity and solve them are important to achieve a better quality of life and avoid or reduce environmental problems for the citizens. Every year, people move to city centres to achieve successful careers, a better quality of life or just trying to escape from poverty and this process brings thousands of people for cities causing overpopulation problems. Facts like new industries in metropolitan areas, rural poverty or availability of outsourcing jobs are few examples of the list of pull facts for megacities. For example, Los Angeles had a huge population growth in the beginning of 20th century, because of the arrival of the railway and until 1970 the population of city was already rising (Chaucer, 2013). The city was so crowded that the population started to spread to outside the city, which could be a possible solution for the problem; however, for Los Angeles was not a sustainable idea because they lost a good amount…

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