Problems Faced By Saudi Arabia Through Research, Analysis And Offer More Solutions

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There are many ideas and opinions, which have dealt with the problem of unemployment in Saudi Arabia through research, analysis and offer more solutions. Any problem has several solutions if there is a will to resolve it, and of course all the solutions have negative and positive aspects as there are no mutually satisfactory solutions. This case study will display the most important causes and solutions.


Unemployment is considered one of the most significant economic problems facing any country in the world. It is the foundation of all economic, political and social problems because it generates economic backwardness and political instability (Dews, 2014) . Saudi Arabia’s youth unemployment has become the major social issue, which has contributed to the decrease in oil prices by the fact that impact on work (Glum, 2015). There is a decline in government employment growth of 6.40% to 3.28% in 2013 and 2014 respectively rate. This increase of 49% was not offset by a marked change in the private sector so that the growth of government must fills the gap (economics, 2016). In 2002, the unemployment rate was 5.265% in 2009 it increased to 5.377% and the end of 2015, the unemployment rates reached 5.548% (Fund, 2015)
Causes and Effects:

The main reason for the increase in the unemployment rate in Saudi Arabia is the population explosion. In addition to an increase in the number of students from the high school graduates each year. Another reason…

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