Problems Faced By Entrepreneurs Face When Starting A Business

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This report includes information on three common problems that entrepreneurs face when starting a business. Those three common problems are funds, marketing issues, and sustaining a proper business model.
When starting a business, entrepreneurs invest their own time and money with the initiative to make profit and better the economy and create more jobs. Approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month but more employer businesses shut down than start up each month. Three common problems entrepreneurs face when starting a business are inconsistent cash flow, marketing issues, and an unsustainable business model. If these problems are not handled correctly, it could result in failed projects and loss of funds from the investor or entrepreneur.

Getting Funds
When starting a business funds are very important. Being that almost all of the business ventures that are started all need some type of assistance with the cash or funds. Getting funds is very important because this what will start the business. More money will give more opportunity towards having a successful business. There are many ways an entrepreneur can gain funds to start a business. One way an entrepreneur can get funds are through the self-financing method. Tapping into personal saving entrepreneurs going into their own pockets using those funds to start up a business. Self-financing can also means that entrepreneurs can take the risk of putting up their own…

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